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A year ago, if you had suggested I write a blog entitled ‘The Modern Wife’ I would have probably grabbed whatever bottle of paint stripper you were drinking from and whacked you over the head with it… I mean really; the modern wife, me! Ha! Never! I’m old school. I cook for my husband (most of the time), I don’t take the bins out and I always do the ironing.

There are, well, moments, however, when my traditional middle class idyllic SW18 lifestyle gets a few cracks in it. And there are also moments when the whole lot falls apart completely.

I cook quite a lot, so there will be many food related posts like roast pork with amaaaaaazing crackling that somehow didn’t set the oven alight for once, I cheated… I may also allude to the disastrous carbonara I cooked after 3 gin martinis (I don’t like gin apparently) that was so rich we couldn’t eat more than about 4 mouthfuls before we began sweating cream through every pore.

This little blog is aimed at those of you who, like me, can’t do it all, all of the time. If there are moments when you just think, sod it, and collapse on the sofa with wine and a marathon of ITV3 Miss Marple (yes – Miss Marple, not House of Cards or the 15000 episode series of the latest Netflix original) this is the blog for you.

IMG_0970 (Edited)


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