The luxury of anonymity

There is something quite smugly satisfying about internet anonymity. I’m not talking about or indeed condoning trolling or that side of things. I’m talking about the ability to vent in writing about whatever the irritation of the day is and knowing that no one you know, or no one at all, is reading it. It’s the modern day equivilent of posting a letter in a blank envelope – did anyone ever do that?

This new blog had, until about an hour ago only two people I know who read it but Instagram has done something funny and there are names I know following me… Que minor panic about what people will think, oh god will I be judged. Probably not, but what if I am….. I’m still working out the road I want this blog to take, I’ll get there, I think.

Bear with me, it’s been a slow start. I’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline that I’m currently writing that I’ve not quite got the courage to finish, let alone post. They need tweaking to hopefully not come across as big fat narcissistic moanathons.

I’m getting braver as you will see from an honest and possibly rather stupid Instagram post yesterday. With some of my anonymity lost I’m trying to decide whether to remove or not before my work sees it… Should I remove it? Or keep it, we all have crap days…. Don’t we?

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