Situation Update.

There have been a few changes in the Modern Wife household since I last wrote. I thought I hadn’t written anything since 2017, but it turns out I attempted some healthiness in February. Rest assured good people, it didn’t last long!

However, as I sit typing this post I am surrounded by 5 decorators, 1 plumber, a chippy and a sparky as the builders complete their final day here in our beautiful house. We moved out in January for ‘a couple of months’ to do ‘some work’ on the house. Or at least that is what we told ourselves and everyone else. On returning to the house after a couple of week’s work, being able to see from the second floor to the kitchen it soon became clear two months out wasn’t going to be enough.

Anyway, 6 and a half months later we moved back in to a nearly finished house and today’s the day they finish (almost). Snagging next week then we will have our wonderful house all to ourselves.

So that was change one.

Change two is a little more life changing, and about as lifestyle changing as it gets. We thought it was about time we tried for a baby. I’ve been on the contraceptive pill for over half of my life and I’m over 30, so the statistics all show it was going to take a long time for my body to get back to whatever normality is needed to become a baby-maker. So, we settled in, bought all the ovulation kits known to man, downloaded all the tracking apps and buckled up in for the long haul of monthly suspense and disappointments. We got lucky. A couple of months later, my post-work bottle of wine days came to a temporary end. I’m fairly sure the partying til 3am days are now at a permanent end.

And here we are. Five months pregnant. Surrounded by frantic builders (no they’re not frantic, of course they aren’t, builders are never frantic, despite any form deadline you put on them). Still trying to do it all and struggling like you wouldn’t believe to figure out all this stuff out.

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