The Modern Wife is back…

I’m back!

As if it wasn’t hugely obvious, I’d kind of given up on the blog.

I’ve written about six different introductions to this which is the first post in many many many months, all of which sound about as heartfelt as a politician’s answers on Question Time. So, I’ll just furnish you with the simple reasons for my absence. In 2018 the husband and I decided to start a family. Techinically we decided in 2017 and started, well, ‘bonking with intent’ I believe is the phrase, last year (I wonder if my Mum will read this). It was a very easy pregnancy, until about two thirds of the way through when it wasn’t.

Ottilie was born in November and now I am one of those people who spends their time telling anyone who will listen about how tired I am and what colour my daughter’s poos are. We have been so lucky, even though she was a teeny tiny little squidglet of a baby (1.8kgs) she’s been incredible and pretty cool, calm and collected, unlike her mother at times!

I’m really hoping I can get back into this blog. I was really inspired and flattered by an e-mail I received on Christmas night from a lovely lady called Felicity who told me a recipe I put on my old blog had saved her Christmas lunch! Pretty cool for a blog I started as a distraction from an unhappy job ten years ago eh?!

So here’s to 2019; new year, same old me but carrying a smidge of additional baby weight but with a re-newed interest in this blogging thing.

Until next time…

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