Magazine Rifle

I think it’s finally happened. My brain has completely turned to mush. I must have got my laptop out, switched it on and sat down in front of it to write a blog post about fifteen times. Every time, I sit there and fall into an internet wormhole of Instagram and Amazon. Or I just sit there admiring pictures of Ottilie on my fancy new iPhone X; the portrait function makes Tilly look even more cute!

Consequently, the list of blog posts I have to write is getting longer and longer. Good news if I was ever worrying about a lack of material, bad news if you are already bored of these rambling introductions.

I have begun a little project. Nothing earth shattering you understand. But it will free up the entire bottom drawer of the beautiful antique desk I am currently sitting at, which is pretty useful indeed. What, I hear you ask, have I got stashed in the bottom drawer of my desk?  Back copies of Olive and Good Food Magazine (yes, my life does revolve around food that much). I used to have a subscription and kept the copies until I’d gone through them and torn out the recipes to use. Below is a picture of the recipe holder I have all the recipes in from some of the backcopies. I can confirm that not one of these recipes has been cooked.

So for the next 25 or so weeks, at least 3 of our meals will be taken from an issue of either Good Food or Olive. An additional recipe will be chosen from the recipes already cut out.

If they are successful I can keep the recipes and use them again, if not they go in the recycling. At the end of each week the magazine goes in the recycling.

A thrilling endeavour, I’m sure you’ll agree. Well, actually, so far it’s been rather good. We’re on week two. Last week we used Good Food from October 2011. We had curried cauliflower florets, a tandoori chicken thing and a sausage casserole. The cauli and the chicken were nice, but I probably won’t bother with those again. But the sausage thing (that I obviously forgot to take a picture of) will definately be done again as it was lush.

Whilst not the most groundbreaking thing in life, this little project is breaking the monotiny of menu planning using the same old dishes and gives me a perfect opportinity to try new dishes out and widen my cooking portfolio!

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