Chickpea salad of dreams

I had great fun finally making use of my @amodernwife Instagram stories over the weekend. It’s the ideal platform for those delirious evenings that happen from time to time when your baby is asleep and after what seems like the longest day / week (Tilly’s going through Leap 4 – if you know, you know) you hit the wine. Not in an irresponsible parenting way, obvs. I just had a couple of giddy evenings dancing around the kitchen of the little cottage we rented high on life and chardonnay listening to some fantastic Spotify playlists on the fancy speaker. The music was so bad (EPIC, it was EPIC) that my husband had to move to a different room, except to pop his head in every now and then to ask if I realised, I was dancing in the kitchen on my own. Yes, I did. And Yes, it was awesome. The best bit, if you do go a bit overboard with the wine and consequently the Instagram stories are a little odd, they are only up for 24 hours. What’s not to love?!

The Hasselback potatoes I put on my Insta stories with little giffs of David Hasselhoff on each of them and the Baywatch soundtrack was a defining moment in Instagram history, I think. If you missed it, I’ll probably put it on ‘the grid’ (yes I just used that phrase) later this week.

Back to reality, here is a super easy, really cheap salad that I had for lunch yesterday. It can be whipped together in the 3 ½ minutes that you end up having when you think your child is asleep for a good half an hour more. I love this salad but can only really have it on my own as my husband would rather eat his own shoe leather than have this many chickpeas in one dish.

1 x 215g tin of chickpeas (drained)

1/3 cucumber

A small handful of fresh mint

75g feta cheese

2 tbsp good olive oil

1 cap full of red wine vinegar (or white wine or cyder vinegar – whichever you have)

A handful of shredded chicken (optional – it was in my fridge and needed eating)

Freshly ground black pepper

  • Chop up the mint leaves and the cucumber (peel it if you’re one of the anti-cucumber skin brigade)
  • Chuck them into the salad bowl along with the chickpeas and chicken (if you’re using it)
  • Crumble to feta on top
  • Drizzle the olive oil over everything and add the red wine vinegar
  • Season with black pepper, you shouldn’t need any salt as the feta is quite salty already
  • Stir everything around and dig in

Quick, cheap and easy to prepare. More importantly it’s easy to eat with one hand (or with a spoon) if you have a baby who thinks daytime sleeping is for wimps and being put down is sooooo last month.

The drizzling olive oil I’m using at the moment is Carapelli cold pressed organic oil from Italy, via Sainsbury’s at £6.50 a bottle. I am working my way through the ‘high street’ olive oils at the moment. The number of good extra virgin oils available is getting better and better each year.

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