It’s only another bloomin’ salad!

It happened again yesterday. My rebel 5 month old daughter got kicked out of the creche. I’m using the term ‘kicked out’ with a bit of poetic license. The reality is much less dramatic. We arrived at the gym and off I tottered to my spin class followed by ‘express abs’ – a 15 minute torture session in the middle of the gym where everyone can see the post spin sweat and exhaustion take its toll as we attempt feeble planks while silently praying for it to be over. Ten minutes into ab hell, the tanoy wurred into action and we all heard ‘will the parent of Ottilie please report to the creche’. Oh no, I had to leave the class early….. Although the ab session, I’m pretty sure, is better than being summoned to the creche because your baby has been screaming for 20 minutes and they’ve given up. I don’t blame them to be honest, she’d got herself fully worked up and was screaming at a new volume I didn’t know she had in her! It took forever to calm her down and by the time I’d made it out of the gym was cooing and smiling widely at me! Not cool Tilly, not cool!

After all that we went for a long walk to see if I could get her to have a decent afternoon nap, without the use of a dummy (more on that another time – you lucky reader you). It worked, with the aid of a music box playlist. Thank the Lord for Spotify playlists!

Here is another easy peasy salad that I made when i got back. You can make in about 5 minutes. It has no carbs too, so is almost saintly on the healthy scale! Serves 1.

1 x Avocado

1 x Red Pepper

1 x Baby Gem Lettuce

A few Sun-dried tomatoes

3 mint leaves finely chopped


If you have a handful of  chicken / slow-cooked gammon chuck that in too

A cap full of red wine vinegar

1 tbsp extra virgin oil


  • Chop up all the ingredients and chuck them in a bowl
  • Drizzle over the olive oil and the red wine vinegar
  • Grate over as much Parmesan as you can before the guilt sets in

It’s not rocket science and, let’s face it, it’s not going to get me a book deal. But it is going to stop me eating toast for breakfast AND lunch. It also stops me reaching into the beige section of the cupboard and grabbing Supernoodles (yes, they are wrong on all levels but I LOVE them) or snacking on super salty crisps. These simple salad for one are part of my top-secret-keep-myself-sane-and-happy-while-on-mat-leave-project.

I hope they come in useful for anyone else currently on mat leave, trying to keep it together with a small baby and figuring out how the hell to eat something nutritious that doesn’t taste like cardboard and can be made with minimal ingredients, fuss and time! 

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