Old School Parma Ham wrapped Chicken

What weather! We spent most of the Easter weekend on the Isle of Wight. Tilly’s first time on the ferry, on the beach and in the sea – we dipped her toes, briefly – we’re not total barbarians! The post I did about fresh air a few months ago rang very true this weekend. We spent pretty much all of Friday and Saturday outside on the beach or walking along the seafront, Tilly had a whale of a time. Consequently, after her bath she fell asleep within about 1/2 a second of finishing her milk and didn’t even stir when Mummy and Daddy came to bed hours later after one, maybe five more glasses of wine than were absolutely necessary!

After such an overindulgent weekend it has been decreed that we are going to have a week (let’s see how long this actually lasts) of no carbs for dinner. My husband decided this yesterday as we sat in the Great Return traffic heading back to London.

So here is a fairly quick chicken recipe we had last night with a massive platter of green veggies instead of the usual massive dollop of 50/50 mashed potato I’d usually serve as well.

Serves 2 / prep time 20 mins / cooking time 35 mins

2 x chicken breasts (skinless)

6 x fresh sage leaves (if you don’t have them they are more for show really and don’t add a huge amount to the dish)

6 x slices Parma Ham

50g Feta cheese

5 sprigs of fresh parsley finely chopped

10 or so slices of sun-blushed tomatoes (if you use sun-dried only use 5)

1 small finely grated garlic clove finely grated (or 1/2 tsp garlic paste if you can’t be bothered to chop the garlic)

1 tsp tomato puree

50ml white wine / rose (whichever is open)

Black Pepper

  • Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees
  • Finely chop the parsley, sun-blushed tomatoes and garlic and mix them in a bowl thoroughly with the feta, tomato puree. Season with a grind or two of black pepper. Set aside for a moment while you prepare the chicken
  • Place the chicken breast onto a board with (what would be) the skin side down. Using a sharp knife carefully open them out a bit at the thin end and using the tip of the knife create a little pocket in the thick end. So you are sort of butterflying them but not because you’re not flattening them totally as you’re leaving a little pocket – does that make sense?
  • Then place the tomatoey feta mix onto each opened chicken breast, pushing some into the pocket at the thick end
  • On a separate board lay out two sets of three Parma Ham slices each with three sage leaves on them
  • Carefully close the chicken around the stuffing mix and place it onto the Parma Ham and wrap. You can secure with a cocktail stick if you want to, I don’t have any so couldn’t, although the Parma Ham will hold it together pretty well
  • Place into an oven proof dish (I used foil on mine as I was paranoid it would stick)
  • Pour the wine into the dish so there is a little puddle around the chicken. The ham will keep the moisture inside the chicken, but this just makes extra sure you don’t have a dry breast/ No-one wants that, let’s face it!
  • Pop in the oven for 35 minutes
  • You can either serve straight away or pour the chickeny, winey, hammy liquid into a saucepan and reduce it down for 5 minutes then serve

I’ll do a separate ‘recipe’ for the greenery plate, although I’m not sure I can call it a recipe as it is mega simple, but really effective. Four of your five a day on one plate.

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