About me and about this blog.

Life has changed somewhat since I started my original blog Veryboredcook.co.uk  back in 2009, so I thought it was time for a fresh start. If you’ve never read my shpeel before – I waffle, a lot.

So here’s the thing. I’m a married fairly posh girl living in the idyllically middle class Tonsley area of SW18. I work in hospitality, which more often than not come before my social life, but I love it. My work and home life revolve around food and drink. It’s all a massive cliché really. My mate Bob says I’m a bit of a lush, mainly because I’m a sucker for free Champagne, well even if it’s not free I love the stuff.

My exercise regime consists of two or three jogs around the park a week, not to loose weight, just so I stop putting it on. I’m never going to be thin, but if I can eat things like pork crackling, carbonara and drink Ben’s Martinis til the cows come home and not get too tubby it helps.

If you read my first post Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. you will see the aim of this blog is to remind us all (mainly myself) that it’s ok not to be perfect. It’s ok to be normal, it’s ok to be abnormal for that matter.

The point is, I spend so much time beating myself up and feeling guilty that I haven’t sent x,y or z e-mail for work, or I haven’t called that friend who had a baby last week / last month / last year or I shouldn’t be going home I should be out and about networking that I frequently loose sight of what is actually important.

Even if no one reads this it will be a constant reminder to myself to stop, take stock and remember that life is pretty good.

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