Life has changed somewhat since I started my original blog Veryboredcook.co.uk  back in 2009, so I thought it was time for a fresh start. If you’ve never read my shpeel before – I waffle. A lot.

I’ve deleted the original stuff I wrote about myself as it was so smug I couldn’t bare it. In short, I’m on maternity leave, looking after our beautiful baby in Southwest London. I’ve restarted this to keep my brain wurring, as it was definately coming to a standstill, all clogged up with dirty nappies, piles of ironing and sour breastmilk.

The original point of the blog was and still is, to remind myself and others that you don’t have to try and be better than you are. With social media being the first and last thing I look at each day it is too easy to spend so much time beating myself up that I’m not at the top of my career, the fact that I’ve still got a mum tum 3 months after giving birth or that I’ve only completed one of the 5 simple tasks I set myself today. I then feel guilty that I haven’t sent x,y or z e-mail for work, or I haven’t called that friend who had a baby last week / last month / last year or I shouldn’t be going home I should be out and about networking that I frequently loose sight of what is actually important.

Even if no one reads this it will be a constant reminder to myself to stop, take stock and remember that life is pretty good.